About FTZ

More than 20 years leading innovation in managing points of sale

FTZ Marketing Outsourcing specializes in marketing and sales. It offers flexible and professional services in outsourced management of commercial actions and processes.

FTZ saw the light of day in 1992 as Ferré Trenzano Consulting Group. Its constant progress, spirit of prevailing, training and adapting to markets have consolidated FTZ as one of the most prestigious Commercial Outsourcing companies in the market.

More than 20 years of consolidated growth have transformed it into a modern company today boasting an expertise in the multidisciplinary and specialized services it offers in the area of marketing and sales.

The aim of FTZ is to offer external solutions that are centred on guaranteeing results and profitability in their clients’ actions.

The 6 key benefits of outsourcing


When a process is placed in expert hands from the outset, the EFFICIENCY and PRODUCTIVITY of each action is MULTIPLIED. Our experts are a part of your team from minute zero in each project.


Outsourcing makes it possible for our clients to CONCENTRATE DEEPLY, dedicating more TIME and RESOURCES to focusing on their own businesses. At the same time, clients obtain an unbiased view of their brand, their product or service and their strategy.


The FLEXIBLE nature of the outsourced model enables changes to be introduced in tasks and/or staff in a FAST and EFFICACIOUS way.


The results of outsourced activities are MORE EASILY MEASURED than those achieved with the internal structure, serving thus to motivate the process of CONTINUOUS ADVANCEMENT.


Fixed costs become VARIABLE costs. Delegating processes enables REDUCING fixed staff costs and MINIMIZING risks arising from labour, operational and technological contingencies.


Guaranteeing service with a real COMMITMENT to results through a continuous monitoring of projects.

When do you outsource?

Our clients come to us when:

  • They do not have the resources required to undertake the commercial and promotional actions to execute a marketing plan.
  • They identify a new market opportunity and need to intensify commercial activities to take advantage of it without introducing changes in their internal structure.
  • They decide to take specific actions at the point of sale or in any of their distribution channels.
  • They require qualified reinforcement of their commercial or marketing structures for an emerging project, a particular opportunity or a one-off increase in business activity.
  • They need to have an outsider view in a new market situation.


Teia Serratosa FTZMOFTZ Marketing Outsourcing has its origins in the Marketing Consultancy founded in 1992 by the marketing guru, Josep Maria Ferré Trenzano. I embarked on this fascinating project in January 1993, on my return from training that took me back and forth between Barcelona, France and the US. I joined the company and we started to work and walk together.

Market research, an area deeply embedded in the DNA of FTZ, is what led us to participate in a very exciting project that I was in charge of at the time. The year was 1996, and we decided to do an in-depth analysis of the points of sale for a multinational company in the IT sector. Our client and we ourselves soon realised the enormous potential of developing a complete series of services intended to enhance and create value for clients through a point of sale.

That brings us to where we are now. FTZ Marketing Outsourcing is a company that has been in the market for more than 20 years, building up a portfolio of internationally renowned clients. Its exciting projects are all aimed at enhancing, creating value, understanding and improving processes as well as achieving success for companies that have something solid to offer but require a partner to outsource specialized services in sales and marketing.

Our team is and has always been the key element for progress and growth. From the beginning we have worked with trained highly dedicated professionals with a vocation to serve. They have always been open to new ways of doing things, new challenges, believing in continuous improvement and effort and imbued with a desire to advance professionally within such a team as the FTZ one.

Our philosophy is to continue listening to the market, the way we used to when we first started out, in order to find ideal solutions and to be able to continue implementing effective and quick actions for our clients, with measurable results.

Teia Serratosa i Vilageliu
General Manager

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