Design and communication

Design as a formal solution to a strategic problem

Icono diseño  y comunicaciónThe creative department of FTZ develops complete graphic and visual communication projects, from the stage of conceptualization to production management and implementation.
To achieve this we have a multidisciplinary team that is experienced in the different areas of corporate communication:

  • Online marketing
  • Web design
  • Printed material
  • POS supports
  • Promotional lettering
  • Photography and video

Our goal

To design the best solutions based on the client’s objectives. We study, understand and always respect the visual style and the corporate image standards of each client.

We then apply creativity in each phase of the project, from concept definition to manufacturing and implementing each element. We always bear the costs in mind. We understand that the best solution is not necessarily the most expensive one.

We establish a dynamic and methodical communication with the client during the project in order to ensure we take care of every little detail. In FTZ we believe that overall quality is a result of the quality achieved in each of the intervening elements.

The difference with FTZ


  • We use design to achieve a function, a goal, which leads us to a result.
  • We develop projects starting from a sound conceptual basis and we assume the client’s visual style as our own.
  • We have wide experience in developing creative processes while respecting the client’s corporate image standards.
  • In FTZ we have an global view of corporate communication and avail of a wide network of established suppliers of graphic production. This in turn enables us to select the appropriate one for each project.
  • We ensure the highest quality in the production of the final art work.

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