Sales networks

Expert commercial teams custom-made for each project

Icono Redes de ventas FTZAt FTZ we specialize in designing external sales networks to fit each project. Our high degree of specialization in commercial networks of all kinds led us to create a denomination to identify this service in all of its dimensions: the SIC (Commercial Impulse Service).

Our goal

To achieve the business objectives of our clients and thereby meet their commercial needs to the utmost

  • With the best commercial experts skilled in different markets, whether it is B2B or B2C
  • With maximum flexibility in terms of duration
  • With total adaptability in case existing commercial teams need to be reinforced

The full 360º management of the FTZ Sales Networks covers all the project stages:

  • Seeking and selecting the best professionals
  • Training suited to each project
  • Designing the routes
  • Identifying new business opportunities
  • Locating potential clients
  • Negotiating the placement of the product at the point of sale
  • Reporting adapted to each project with current stock taking, warning of possible stock breakages, positioning of competitors, etc.
  • Permanent supervision by the FTZ coordinator

The difference with FTZ

  • We respect the personality of each client.
  • We establish a constant dialogue and jointly agree on all the guidelines in order to achieve maximum efficacy.
  • We know and are well known in the distribution channels, be they wholesalers, retailers or distributors.
  • We transfer the idiosyncrasies of all the participants to the sales networks, thus achieving maximum performance from the very start of each project.

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